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February 14, 2012 | Community, YEG News Releases

Oeuvre d'art de classe mondiale pour un aéroport de classe mondiale

EIA unveils its Expansion 2012 art program

January 30, 2012 (Edmonton, AB) – Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is unveiling an art gallery so exclusive you have to buy a plane ticket to see it. EIA showcased its 1 $ million Art at EIA program January 30 in the new terminal as part of its Expansion 2012 project. Special guests have the opportunity to see finished art pieces, with another two scheduled for completion by summer, as well as rotational art displays.

Artists from around the world answered EIA’s 2010 Call to Artists, an art consultation and selection process developed with support from the community, including Edmonton Arts Council. Around a dozen artists were chosen (shortlisted from over 200 worldwide submissions) to design and build original art pieces specifically designed for the new terminal. Along with five permanent art pieces and five rotational art displays, the newly built terminal also features an Arts District Corridor where five of the city’s flagship arts organizations display artifacts from their venues.

All permanent art pieces were commissioned exclusively for the airport and cannot be seen anywhere else creating a very special art-passenger experience.

"Edmonton International Airport is often the world's first and last impression of Edmonton," said Reg Milley, EIA President and CEO. "We're proud to act as a gateway to the city's thriving and vibrant arts and cultural scene with an amazing array of artwork unique to Edmonton, and provide visitors to the city with a sense of place upon their arrival."

The Expansion’s large-scale permanent art installations include:

Old Man Mountain and Mother Bear| Jason Carter (Edmonton, AB)

US Customs and Border Protection

Spanning the large windows overlooking passengers' entry into US space, Old Man Mountain is inspired from Old Man Mountain in Jasper National Park. In aboriginal culture the bear is a symbol of majesty, freedom and power. Jason's goal was to focus on Alberta's majestic landscapes.

Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still | Erin Pankratz-Smith (Edmonton, AB)

Arts District Corridor, US Departures area

This colourful tile mosaic stretches 30 feet (9 metres) wide, with over 100 000 mosaic tesserae (tiles) in vivid hues representing Edmonton's famous river valley through all four seasons. Edmonton's city center buildings are added as a 3D relief within the art.

Kopperscape | Karim Rashid (New York City, NY)

Salon des départs pour les É.-U.

Influenced by Canada's mountains, snow drifts and rivers, Kopperscape is a signature piece for EIA and a gathering spot for passengers travelling from Canada to the US. Kopperscape is a functional fiberglass sculpture that has seating for passengers and a performance stage for live entertainers.

Flightpath | Electroland (Los Angeles, CA)

Interstitial Corridor South

A continuous wall of interactive digital screens flash lights and a creative soundscape interact with passengers walking down the corridor, creating a relaxing, playful experience for those arriving to Edmonton. This piece creates a holistic art experience using motion, audio and sights and can follow an unlimited number of passengers down the corridor.

The Raven: Bringer of Light, Placing the Sun into the Daytime Sky | Michael Hayden

(Santa Rosa, CA)

Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) area | completion date: Summer 2011

Arriving passengers will be dazzled by a suspended 30 foot by 18 foot (9 metres by 6 metres) sculpture over the CBSA area. Composed of 36 triangulated six-foot (183-centimetre) long holographically treated elements, The Raven reflects and diffracts both sunlight and man-made light, casting coloured reflections throughout the space. This piece capitalizes on Alberta's beautiful sunshine and vast skies.

The Arts District Corridor, US Departures area

Uniting theatre, dance, symphony, opera and visual art, display cases in the Arts District Corridor for The Citadel Theatre, Alberta Ballet, the Edmonton Opera, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Art Gallery of Alberta showcase permanent photograph displays and rotating artifacts featured by each organization.

In addition to the original works of art developed solely for Expansion 2012, EIA has extended its rotational art and performance program throughout the new terminal. Artists contributing original work to Art at EIA’s rotational art include:

Keith Walker, Edmonton, AB

Skilsaw Umbrella Series | Blown glass

Michael Batchelor – SWON design, Montreal, QC

Powered light sculpture

Francis Dubois, Paris, France

Completion date: Summer 2012

Claudia Fitch, Seattle, WA

Completion date: Summer 2012

Alex Anagnostou, Toronto, ON

Completion date: Summer 2012

Expansion 2012’s Art at EIA connects the airport to Edmonton’s thriving arts community, thanks to more than 50 community partnerships. It celebrates both Edmonton’s status as a cultural capital of Canada and places value on the contributions local artists make to Canada’s cultural tapestry.


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