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April 30, 2012 | ESG, YEG News Releases

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Walls Come alive at EIA

Airport unveils Living Wall vertical garden as part of Expansion 2012

April 30, 2012 (Edmonton, Alta.) – EIA and Living Wall design company Green over Grey unveiled the amazing Living Wall vertical garden today in the International Arrivals area near the Canadian Border Services Agency.

The Living Wall serves as both a work of botanical art and statement about the airport’s commitment to sustainability.

The Central Wall design is inspired by cirrus cloud formations typical in the prairie sky. The side wall designs take their inspiration from the Group of Seven. In addition to being beautiful, the plants in the Living Wall help purify the air by adding oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and air pollutants typically found indoors.

The Living Wall takes up about 1 400 square feet of wall space and is made up of 8 000 individual plants from 32 unique plants species from around the world. It is the one of the largest Living Wall gardens in Canada and may be the largest inside any airport in the world. The plants require very little water, no soil and will continue to change, grow and strengthen over time.

Green over Grey is a design firm that focuses on the creation of spectacular Living Walls throughout North America. The team provides in-depth knowledge of incorporating sustainability into design.

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