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October 10, 2013 | Villenueve Airport, YEG News Releases

L'aéroport de Villeneuve est ouvert aux affaires

Airport adds new businesses, facilities and aircraft

October 10, 2013 (Edmonton, AB) - Villeneuve Airport is expanding to make room for new businesses. Villeneuve Airport is already important to Sturgeon County, employing approximately ninety people directly and contributing about 19 $ million annually to the local economy. The airport handles an average of 200 airplane movements each day. Villeneuve Airport is primarily used for training flights and small, privately-owned aircraft. Transport Canada has identified Villeneuve as a Satellite Airport supporting the larger Edmonton International Airport.

"With our partners, we are making a serious investment in Villeneuve. To ensure safe, efficient regional aircraft operation, Villeneuve must be able to handle diverted flights, function as an alternate MEDEVAC airport, and accommodate smaller aircraft," said Steve Rumley, Vice President of Operations and Infrastructure for Edmonton Airports.

"As the owners and operators at the Villeneuve Airport, we are very encouraged by the level of commitment to the airport by Edmonton Airports, NAVCANADA, and the province, and the substantial investment into the airport that they are making. The private sector is also investing many millions of dollars into the airport, providing for a sustainable, long term asset that benefits the capital region for the foreseeable future, providing opportunity for all partners," said Perry McPherson, Villeneuve Airport Owners And Operators Association President.

Located 30 km North West of Edmonton, Villeneuve Airport is home to 15 hangars, 13 businesses, as well as 55 tie-down areas where aircraft can be stored outdoors. Significant development is ongoing, with construction underway or planned for 6 new hangars, and Phase 2 coming in 2014.

Edmonton Airports owns and operates Villeneuve Airport and developed Villeneuve's Strategic Plan with feedback from meetings with the neighbouring municipalities. The plan will update the role of the airport, which will require improvements to the services at Villeneuve including storm water, domestic water and sanitary systems.

Villeneuve has two 3500 foot runways, with flight movements controlled by a NAVCANADA control tower. To accommodate larger aircraft, one runway is being extended to 5 000 feet on existing airport lands and there are future plans to extend the runway to 6 000 feet. A Category 1 Instrument Landing System (ILS) is also being installed, which will provide radio signals and high intensity lighting to enable safe landings in times of reduced visibility. The runway extension and ILS installation should both be complete by November 2013 and certified by Transport Canada by February 2014. Funding for these upgrades is being provided by NAVCANADA, the Government of Alberta and Edmonton Airports.