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30 novembre 2009 | Service aérien, Sécurité et sureté, Communiqués de presse YEG

Seasonal travel tips from your friends at

November 30, 2009 (Edmonton, Alta.) — Edmonton International
Airport (EIA) has been Canada’s fastest-growing major airport for
the last three years and the holiday season marks one of the
airport's busiest times of the year. With the travel rush now on,
follow this travel checklist to ensure you get on your way quickly
and easily.

Before leaving home, please remember the following:

On-time departure: Ensure your flight is on
time before departing for the airport. Weather can impact flight
schedules at this time of year, whether it’s at EIA or your final
destination. We always encourage people to make use of one of our
50 non-stop destinations to ensure a smooth arrival as things can
go awry with connections.

Web check-in: Most major airlines offer
customers the time-saving online option to check in for flights and
select seats up to 24 hours before departure. You may also arrange
for extra baggage online. Confirm your schedule with your airline
by phone or online. You can also access real-time flight
information and web check-in services at www.flyeia.com.

Documentation: Ensure that you have packed all
documentation required to travel. Requirements vary depending on
whether you are travelling within Canada or to another country.
Regardless, bring government-issued photo ID for all flights. Tout
passengers, including Canadian and US citizens, are required to
present a valid passport or NEXUS card to the United States Customs
and Border Protection agent at the US pre-clearance centre at EIA
when travelling to the US. Specific documentation may be required
for children under 18, especially if they aren’t accompanied by
their parents/guardians. Confirm details with your airline.

Luggage and pets: Verify with your airline
that your luggage is within specified size and weight restrictions,
and clarify any questions you have regarding restrictions for
carry-on and checked luggage. If you're travelling with pets,
remember to ask about their pet policy.

Parking: EIA will have ample room for all
parking customers during the holiday season. As Christmas
approaches, signs and traffic coordinators will guide customers to
parking locations via Airport Road.

To assist with moving through security screening efficiently,
please consider the following guidelines:

• Pack your own bags. Travel light; this will help you move
through security screening quickly.

• If you’re unsure about an item you wish to take through
security, please check with security personnel before entering
pre-board screening.

• Do not bring wrapped packages. We'd hate to ruin your neatly
tied bows and perfect folds, so be sure to wrap your gifts once you
arrive at your destination.

• Liquids, gels, and aerosols are permitted through security
screening at Canadian airports provided the items are packaged in
containers with a capacity of 100 ml/100 grams (3,4 oz) or less,
and that the containers fit comfortably in a single clear, closed
and re-sealable plastic bag with a capacity of no more than 1 litre
(1 quart). You will need to take this bag out of your carry-on
luggage for pre-board screening personnel.

• Knives or knife-like sharp objects will not be permitted
through pre-board screening. Ensure no sharp objects, such as
scissors, are in your carry-on bag. Take time when packing, and
avoid bringing anything that could be interpreted as a dangerous

• Travellers bringing electronic equipment as carry-on must be
prepared to show it to our pre-board screening personnel and, if
required, demonstrate that the items are in working order.

• Sports equipment such as skates, skis, snowboards, ski poles,
hockey sticks and golf clubs are not permitted as carry-on items
and must be transported as checked baggage.

• For the most up-to-date regulations governing carry-on and
checked luggage, check the Canadian Air Transport Security
Authority’s (CATSA) permitted and non-permitted items list at www.catsa.ca.

Finally, arrive early to ensure you depart on time. Due to
increased passenger volumes throughout the holiday season, we
recommend customers arrive at the airport earlier than the usual
airline-recommended time. Recommended times vary from one hour in
advance of departure time for domestic flights, to three hours
ahead of departure for some international flights.

Once you’re checked in and through security, you can relax and
check out EIA’s food, beverage and retail offerings which have
more than doubled in the last two years. Now you're ready to go,
helping us deliver on our award-winning “we’ll move you” brand
promise. On behalf of everyone at EIA, here’s wishing you a
festive and safe holiday season.


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