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February 14, 2012 | General, YEG News Releases

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L'aérogare nouvellement prolongée est ouverte pour la croissance record américaine

The glitz and glamour, the nuts and the bolts of opening day

February 11, 2012 (Edmonton, AB) - Passengers flying to the US today were treated to a speedier, comfier and easier experience as EIA opened its new US Departures area, which is three times the size of the previous US departures area. The newly expanded terminal is opening just as EIA set new US records with nine per cent passenger growth over last January, which is six per cent above the previous record set in 2008.

"The timing is perfect as demand for our 12 US non-stop destinations is at unprecedented levels," says Reg Milley, EIA President and CEO. "People in our community had a vision for a world-class airport, and with today's opening, we're a big step closer to making the airport a destination in and of itself."

The new US Departures adds about 11 000 sq. metres of new space, part of the 43 000 sq. metres in total added by the new terminal. The new US Departures lounge features:

  • An expanded US Customs and Border Protection area four times larger than the original
  • Six gates dedicated to US flights
  • Four brand-name stores and four restaurants
  • Workstations and lounge seats with plug-ins
  • Cushioned play areas for toddlers
  • Hands-free video game station for older kids
  • Three art pieces – Kopperscape; Old Man Mountain with Great Mother Bear; Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still

Parking and check-in remain the same

  • Parking for US-bound passengers or those picking up guests, has not changed
  • Check-in for US flights is still in the same place on the departures level
  • US Customs entrance is still on the departures level, south of the airline booths
  • Passengers connecting to US flights at EIA follow the same US Quick Connect route
  • Passengers returning from the US still come through the existing Canada Customs door
  • Passengers are still advised to arrive early, as specified by their airline before departure

While some things won’t change, the opening of the new US Departures area today will make passenger travel faster, easier and more comfortable.

Improvements for passengers

  • Seamless experience with routing directly from check-in to the US Departures terminal
  • Easier, more convenient bag drop service: Bags are dropped off before security screening
  • Expedited line for NEXUS cardholders via a separate, dedicated line
  • Faster, easier travel: moving sidewalks carry passengers to the departures lounge
  • Travelers follow a straighter, easier path from the baggage drop off to their gates

Further expansion

Other new areas of EIA will open later this year:

  • New Canadian Border Services Agency area – Later 2012
  • Domestic and international lounge – Fall 2012
  • Central Tower (housing NAV Canada air-traffic control and administrative offices ) – Winter 2012
  • Courtyard by Marriott, (developed by Platinum Investments Ltd. ) 210-room hotel connected to EIA – January 2013

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