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February 08, 2010 | General, YEG News Releases

Communiqué de presse

Le nouveau service Skyshuttle est officiellement lancé aujourd'hui à l'EIA

More efficient, more responsive and better for the environment

February 8, 2010 (EDMONTON, Alta.)-Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and Gateway Charters Ltd. are pleased to announce the introduction of the new and improved skyshuttle service to and from the airport, which officially launches today. The new enhanced service now features an on-demand booking system. To book a shuttle, visit https://edmontonskyshuttle.com or call 780 465 8515. Payment can be made conveniently online at the time of booking.

In conjunction with skyshuttle operator Gateway Charters Ltd., EIA's new airport shuttle service now features lower-emission vehicles; onboard travel, tourism and entertainment information about the Edmonton region; as well as front and rear security cameras to ensure passenger safety. In step with the new service and new vehicles, skyshuttle also features a new look that celebrates EIA's award-winning "we'll move you" brand promise.

"EIA often provides the first and last impression people have of our region, so making a good impression is something we take great pride in," says Peter McCart, Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development. "The enhanced skyshuttle service is another component of how we'll move you and improve the overall passenger experience at EIA. The greener operation also 'drives' home our core value of sustainability. It helps position us as an airport of the future that recognizes and strengthens the vital links between community, the environment and economic growth."

The new and improved skyshuttle allows for extra vehicles to be added as needed and more closely matches capacity to demand during daily peak and valley periods. Complemented by an easy-to-use online booking system and state-of-the-art scheduling and dispatch software, the flexibility of the service also reduces emissions and skyshuttle's environmental footprint.

“The airport shuttle experience is now better than ever,” says Phil Strong, President, Gateway Charters Ltd. “We’ll be more responsive to passenger demand and improve on the exceptional level of service that passengers have come to expect from skyshuttle.”

For more information, visit www.edmontonskyshuttle.com.

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