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November 30, 2012 | General, YEG News Releases

EIA Taxi Rates changed

New Zones and rates in effect as of December 1, 2012

Here are some Questions and Answers concerning the new rates:

Link to new rates

Why is the Airport adopting new taxi zone rates?

  • Edmonton has added 26 new communities and new roads since the last price change in 2006
  • Neighborhood density is greater in many of the new communities
  • Zones are smaller in size to ensure that the price is fair for the customer
  • Taxi fuel and insurance costs have increased since the last price change in 2006

Why does the airport use zone rates rather than the taxi meter?

  • Customers can expect a consistent price for the trip from the airport with the four different taxi companies that service EIA
  • A driver’s route has no effect on the price a customer will pay

Are there any exceptions to the standard zone rates?

  • Rural locations outside of zones will utilize the taxi meter to determine cost
  • There is an additional charge for waiting Time if the customer would like to make a stop enroute to a destination
    • 0 – 5 minutes – no charge
    • 5 minutes – 15 minutes – 5,00 $
    • 15 – 30 minutes – 15,00 $
    • Customer requesting a Specific route will utilize meter rate to determine cost
    • Shared rides will utilize meter rate to determine cost. Customers to agree in advance on how cost is shared

How is the zone rate calculated?

  • Fare is calculated to the geographic center of the zone

Why do taxi’s still have meters running?

  • Taxi brokers utilize GPS technology to track their fleets to help ensure a better quality service to customers
  • The GPS system is often linked to the taxi’s meter
  • The customer will still pay the specified zone rate

Do all taxi’s utilize the airport zone rate structure?

  • All authorized airport taxis are required to use the established zone rates
  • Non airport licensed taxis are not required to use zone rates. Many other taxi companies voluntarily utilize the airport zone structure and rates

Which taxi fleets work the airport?

  • Taxi’s licensed with the airport included select taxis from Airport Taxi Service, 24-7 Taxi, Co-Op Taxi and the Edmonton Taxi Group (Prestige Taxi, Barrel Taxi, Checker Cabs and Yellow Cabs)
  • Only the newest taxi’s from each of these fleets works at the airport

How can I tell which taxi’s are airport taxis?

  • Airport taxi drivers all wear an Edmonton Airport identification card while working so customers know that they are taking an airport authorized taxi

Why not just let any taxi serve the airport?

  • The airport is a 24/7/365 operation. Contracted taxi service means we can guarantee the quality of the service and a rate to the customer. We work together with licensed airport taxi brokers to have on-demand taxis available for passengers whenever their flight arrives

What is EIA doing to ensure the taxi quality and customer service?

  • Customers can contact EIA management directly should they have questions or concerns.  Each licensed airport taxi has a sticker on the rear driver window with EIA’s email address taxiservice@flyeia.com and phone number 780-890-2170.  We encourage customers to contact the airport and let us know how their trip was.

What is the cost to take a taxi to one of the General Aviation terminals?

  • 12,00 $ per car or a 8,00 $ per passenger for multiple passengers
  • This is an incentive to share taxi’s, which helps to insure more supply will be available for all customers
  • This also promotes costs savings for customers by sharing taxi’s and is a good environmental measure

Do prices include GST?

  • Oui