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16 février 2016 | Communiqué de presse YEG, « Aéroport de Villeneuve »

L'aéroport de Villeneuve était à l'honneur en 2015 avec une série de nouvelles installations achevées ou en cours et la première édition du salon aéronautique annuel qui s'est tenu à Villeneuve, attirant des milliers de personnes dans l'installation. Villeneuve Airport is the region's main satellite airport to Edmonton International Airport (EIA), serving a range of general aviation needs, including flight training, recreational flying and corporate flights.

"Villeneuve is an important regional aviation asset and we are pleased to see continuing private investment in the airport," says Tom Ruth, Edmonton Airports President and CEO. "These investments dovetail with the investments we have made to expand the runway, improve navigational aids and other infrastructure at the airport."

Villeneuve development

Four new facilities were completed in 2015: Sky Dynamics (second facility), Rotorcraft Garage Inc., Sarasota Developments Inc. and Hangar Holdings Inc. BDK Air’s new 4,000-sq.-ft. hangar is currently under construction and Energy Efficient Homes Inc. is nearing completion of a 16,500-sq.-ft. expansion, which will include the installation of an all new Rotating Aircraft Carrier storage system.
In 2016, the airport will welcome its second fixed-base operator (FBO), Polaris Air. The company’s 25,000-sq.-ft. facility is currently under construction.
Phase I lots are full and Phase II lots are available for lease in 2016. All this development means more indoor space for owners to house aircraft, making Villeneuve even more attractive. As well, Telus recently installed its new Telus Fibre service, improving telecommunications services.
Growing popularity continues to drive the need for expansion and Edmonton Airports will continue to work onsite with tenants, owners and operators to develop new taxiway and public apron space. In addition, Edmonton Airports will continue working with our regional partners to identify solutions to connect the existing water reservoir to the County's supply line, which will be a key enabler of Villeneuve expansion.

Edmonton Airshow

Villeneuve's regional profile was boosted in 2015 with the first annual Edmonton Airshow. Over 25 000 people attended the airshow at the airport, August 22-23. Edmonton Airports provided logistical support for the airshow and will work with airshow organizer RWE Events again in 2016 to ensure the success of this exciting community event.

The 2016 airshow is Aug. 6-7. A portion of the proceeds is directed to local charities such as the Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton Garrison Military Resource Centre and Youth Empowerment & Support Services.
Aircraft activity steady
Despite the economic downturn, Villeneuve Airport remained busy with 60 786 aircraft movements (landings or takeoffs) in 2015. In 2014, 61 585 movements were recorded.

À propos de l'aéroport de Villeneuve

Villeneuve Airport, operated by Edmonton Airports, is a general aviation airport located northwest of the City of Edmonton. Il s'agit de la principale installation pour la formation en vol de la région. Its NAV CANADA air traffic control tower operates daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. The terminal located next to the tower accommodates a NAV CANADA Flight Information Kiosk. CANPASS AIR (point of entry) services are available during normal airport operating hours. Villeneuve Airport is home to 19 businesses, covering activities such as aircraft flight training, fixed-wing aircraft maintenance, helicopter maintenance and aviation operations. Villeneuve Airport's total economic impact is 19 $ million in economic output and about 100 direct jobs.