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December 12, 2011 | Accessibility, Safety and Security, Shop. Dine. Relax, YEG News Releases
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Conseils importants pour que vos vacances prennent leur envol

Passenger numbers to increase by 20 per cent during Christmas season

December 12, 2011 (Edmonton, Alta.) - Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has added one additional tip to its annual Christmas travel advice. This year passengers are being urged to arrive extra early with an appetite and with extra room in their carry-on luggage to enjoy the airport's 12 new shopping and dining choices of Expansion 2012.

"People are spending more time at the airport, particularly at this time of year when our airline partners ask them to come earlier than usual," said Reg Milley, EIA President and CEO. "Passengers having been telling us that they want to be productive and have fun while they're here, which is why we've added more shops and services. If passengers prepare in advance, they can check in, clear security easily, and get their vacations started right here at EIA," he added.

Being well-organized is even more important this year as EIA expects upwards of 22 000 passengers per day, plus thousands more people coming to meet or send off loved ones.

EIA offers 12 tips to help travellers move quickly and easily through the terminal this year:

  1. Arrive early: Plan to leave earlier than normal so you have extra time to navigate winter roads as well as check-in and security clearance.
  2. Check flight times online: Check www.flyeia.com before leaving to make sure your flight is on time. Weather can impact flight schedules at this time of year, whether it’s at EIA or the final destination.
  3. Check-in online: Most airlines offer online check-in and seat selection for flights up to 24 hours before departure.  
  4. Book parking in advance: Book a jetSet parking spot at www.jetsetparking.com and save up to 25 per cent. If picking someone up at the airport, use jetSet’s 45 minute free cell phone waiting area.  Travellers using valet parking can even check their coats and have a warm car awaiting their return.
  5. Do not bring wrapped packages: If security needs to inspect a wrapped package, they will unwrap the gift. If you do forget, EIA and local Air Cadets offer a gift wrap service between December 21 and 24.
  6. Have all the right documents: Check with your airline to make sure you have all the required documents for your destination, and bring a government-issued photo ID. 
  7. Fly through with NEXUS: NEXUS members enjoy faster entrance into the US and Canada, and have a dedicated line at security screening. Register online at www.nexus.gc.ca or call 1 866 NEXUS 26.
  8. Tag your own bags: Air Canada and WestJet offer self-baggage tagging to speed up check-in. You can print tags along with the boarding pass when checking in at a self-serve kiosk. If you checked in online, you can scan your boarding pass at a kiosk to print tags.      
  9. Make sure it’s okay if you want bring your pet along: Ask airlines about their pet policy and other restrictions for carry-on and checked luggage.
  10. Know ahead of time what’s okay to bring with you: For the most up-to-date regulations governing carry-on and checked luggage, check the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s (CATSA) permitted items list at www.catsa.ca.  For tips on how to clear security quickly go to: https://www.catsa-acsta.gc.ca/en/travel-tips
  11. Take what you can’t afford to lose with your carry-on. Pack your prescription medications and house and car keys in your carry-on luggage.
  12. Use one of EIA’s 50-nonstops: Avoid connecting-flight worries by using one of EIA’s 50 non-stop destinations. Visit https://flyeia.com/flights/fly-non-stop/ .

EIA staff will offer travellers extra helping hands and holiday greetings during peak times throughout the holidays. Regional school choirs and local performers will delight customers with the sounds of the season between December 15 and 24. A special Santa's Storyland with comfortable chairs, floor mats, books, DVDs and activities for kids will help entertain children and families in the south terminal departures lounge. A new Mac's store will also open late December on the arrivals level to help customers with any last minute needs.

US Travellers please note – The US passenger area will be under construction until late January and space will be limited.  We ask passengers for their patience as the upgraded facility will provide them with convenient new baggage service, expanded security and customs lines, new shopping and dining options, new children’s play areas, business stations, plush seating and world-class art.