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July 28, 2010 | General, YEG News Releases

L'expansion 2012 zoome sur la vue « avion »

Massive construction project on time, under budget

July 28, 2010 (Edmonton, Alta.)-Over 480 000 square feet of space has been added to Edmonton International Airport (EIA) since the airport's massive expansion got underway in 2009. And if the sheer scale of the project isn't impressive enough, EIA is happy to report that Expansion 2012 is also on time and under budget. And it's all happening without compromising passengers' experience.

"It's fantastic to see this project moving along so well. Our construction team has spared no effort to ensure our customers are well taken care of, while at the same time making excellent progress on the expansion," says Paul Garbiar, EIA's Vice President of Infrastructure & Technology.

A project that employs up to 800 construction workers per day would normally create headaches for travellers, but that isn't the case at EIA. What greets passengers is convenience and a terminal in the midst of an epic transformation. It's what you'd expect from a team that recently earned top airport efficiency marks from the

Expansion 2012's steady progress is a direct result of EIA's effective management of the project. For example, project managers locked in lower costs for big-ticket items like materials and equipment in 2009. With lower production costs, the expansion is expected to cost approximately 25 per cent less than the original 1 $-billion budget while still remaining on schedule.

"Our project managers have done a great job creating value throughout the planning and construction of Expansion 2012," says Garbiar. "We're able to realize tremendous savings without sacrificing quality or features."

With over six million passengers per year, the airport currently serves about one million passengers per year more than its design capacity.

The expansion will add 50 per cent to the existing terminal square footage. This will allow EIA's continued, unhampered growth and make room for airlines to add service, particularly during peak hours. Expansion 2012 will not only help improve air service and passenger capacity, it will bring more comfort and convenience with a host of new food, beverage and retail services.

"We're excited to be at the point where members of our community can come to EIA and really see the project taking off," says Garbiar. "We're expanding the airport to serve the needs and expectations of our growing region. This project is an important investment in Edmonton's future."

For more information, visit www.flyeia.com.

Check out the Facebook photo album from the media tour by clicking here.

Expansion 2012 by the numbers

Once complete, Expansion 2012 will add up to 13 more aircraft gates and over 480 000 square feet (equivalent to roughly eight football fields) to the existing terminal building.

  • Length of Enclosed Building = 900 m
  • Total Volume of Concrete = 11 800m3
    • Volume of Concrete (Foundation/Piles/Cistern) = 4,000m3
    • Volume of Concrete (Slabs) = 7,800m3
  • Weight of Rebar steel reinforcement = 1 700 000 kg (equivalent to the weight of approximately 140 school buses)
  • Placed End to End, the length of Rebar =  980km    
  • Pieces of Structural Steel = 7 868
  • Weight of Structural Steel =3 600 tons
  • Number of Bolts = 74 000
  • Water Volume of Cistern = 2 600 000 Litres (equivalent in volume to an Olympic-sized swimming pool)
  • Square metres of Metal Panels and Siding = 17,900m2
  • Square metres of Roof = 24,000m2
  • Number of Metal Doors and Frames = 900 
  • Square metres of Drywall = 28,000m2
  • Square metres of Architectural Ceiling = 22,700m2
  • Square metres of Ceramic Tile/Terrazo Flooring = 12,500m2

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