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September 10, 2018 | Air Service, YEG News Releases

L'Aéroport international d’Edmonton (AIE) a une autre année réussie, affichat 6,2 pour cent en croissance de passagers à la fin de juillet 2018. This robust growth follows a solid 2017, with 7,8 million passengers and a 3,8 per cent increase in passenger numbers. Overall, seat capacity growth at EIA has increased by 14 per cent in 2018, bolstered by expanded services from Flair and the introduction of Swoop to the market.

EIA Winter Air Service Highlights

EIA’s winter 2018-19 schedule will offer even more U.S. destination choices and seat capacity for Edmonton Metro Region travellers, including:

  • Air Canada’s daily non-stop service between Edmonton and San Francisco
  • Air Canada Rouge’s non-stop service to Las Vegas, starting Oct. 28
  • Flair’s new non-stop services to Miami (Dec 14), Orlando (Dec 14), Mesa (Dec 15), Palm Springs (Dec 16) and Las Vegas (Nov 8)
  • Swoop’s new daily service to Las Vegas and twice-weekly service to Mesa, starting Oct. 27
  • WestJet is also maintaining its non-stop service to Las Vegas

WestJet’s winter schedule includes:

  • Daily non-stop service to Los Angeles from now until October 20, 2019; six times weekly during the week of December 3-9
  • Orlando, weekly, November 3-April 28; twice weekly December 3-March 31
  • Mazatlan, weekly, November 3-April 28
  • Huatulco, weekly, November 1-April 28
  • Puerto Vallarta, four times weekly, October 30-April 28
  • Cabo San Lucas, twice weekly, December 10-April 28
  • Cancun, between one and six times weekly, October 6 to June 2
  • Kahului, two times weekly, December 9-April 21
  • Daily non-stop service to Phoenix, October 29-April 21; varying frequencies year-round
  • Daily non-stop service to Palm Springs, October 28-April 21

Transatlantic services are a vital part of EIA's offering with seat capacity growing by 36 per cent since 2013. Over the past four years, EIA has added three new Transatlantic carriers: Icelandair, KLM and WestJet.

  • EIA will operate 694 flights to Europe in 2018

Icelandair’s non-stop, seasonal service between Edmonton and Iceland will break for the winter season on November 1, 2018. Service will resume on March 20, 2019 and operate until late fall 2019.

KLM plans to operate its non-stop service between Edmonton and Amsterdam all winter, with two to three flights per week, depending on the month.

American Airlines will continue daily non-stop service to Phoenix in November and December, with one daily flight from January to April.

Alaska Airlines’ non-stop service to Seattle is reduced to 11 times a week in November and December and is reduced to 10 times a week in January and February. Other months maintain two flights per day.

Delta Air Lines continues daily non-stop service to Seattle over the winter season. Delta’s service to Minneapolis-St. Paul will be 13 flights per week from December to February, and there will be two flights a day all other months.

United’s non-stop services to Denver and Houston remains unchanged over the winter seasons, with both routes seeing two daily flights.

Air Transat’s sun destination schedule includes:

  • Cancun, weekly for October, three times a week from November to April
  • Puerto Vallarta, three times weekly from November to March, weekly in April
  • Huatulco, weekly, January and February

Sunwing’s sun destination schedule includes:

  • Cayo Coco, weekly from November to April
  • Cancun, five times weekly from November to April
  • Huatulco, weekly from November to April
  • Liberia, weekly from December to April
  • Montego Bay, weekly from October to April
  • Mazatlan, weekly from November to April
  • Punta Cana, weekly from November to April
  • Puerto Vallarta, weekly from November to April
  • Los Cabos, weekly in November, twice weekly from December to April
  • Varadero, weekly in November, three times a week from December to April
  • Ixtapa, weekly from December to April