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May 22, 2012 | General, YEG News Releases

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EIA Awards New Taxi Contract to Four Providers
Rigorous RFP process geared to enhancing customer service

May 22, 2012 – (Edmonton) After a rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) process, EIA has awarded new taxi permits to four service brokers for a five-year term, beginning June 30, 2012:

  • Airport Taxi Service
  • Greater Edmonton Taxi Service Inc.
  • Co-op Taxi
  • 24-7 Taxi

"Outstanding taxi service is a critical part of having a world-class airport and leaving visitors with a positive experience with the City," explains Myron Keehn, EIA's Vice President of Commercial Development. "To that end, we set down criteria in the RFP that will maximize service and convenience to customers."

By contracting with these four companies, EIA ensures customers are always assured availability of taxis regardless of when their flight arrives. Customers will also continue to benefit from a flat rate zone fee structure.

Respondents to the RFP were evaluated on a number of criteria set to drive excellent customer service, some of which included the size, age and quality of their fleets, ability to supply cars to the airport on a 24/7 basis, number of wheelchair accessible vehicles, having a sound business and operational plan, and proven positive customer service track record. Such criteria help establish a standard of service and quality passengers can count on every time they enter a taxi at EIA.

As another step towards developing outstanding taxi service for customers, EIA will require all drivers from the four brokers to participate in EIA’s Taxi Ambassador Program, a customer service training initiative that includes modules on regional tourism and history, English as a Second Language, driving with finesse and collision avoidance.

“Our goal is to provide taxi passengers at the airport with outstanding customer service from the time they hail the cab to the time they reach their destination,” says Keehn. “Eventually, taxi drivers will wear EIA identification that demonstrates they have completed the training so passengers know they can expect top notch service.”

In keeping with EIA's commitment to sustainability, respondents were also assessed on their ability to offer hybrid vehicles. The successful taxi service brokers will have a combined total of 56 hybrid vehicles serving the airport. In addition, by awarding licenses to multiple brokers who are able to serve the City of Edmonton, EIA is able to reduce deadheading.

To ensure the convenience of all customers, a combined total of 21 wheelchair accessible vehicles will be serving passengers at the airport.


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