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December 06, 2018 | Airport City, Community, YEG News Releases

Anticipated for Summer 2019

(Edmonton, AB) – We are pleased to announce Dogtopia and Edmonton International Airport (EIA) have entered into an agreement to open the second Edmonton Dogtopia location, at Edmonton International Airport.

With an anticipated Summer 2019 opening, the new Dogtopia dog daycare, boarding and spa facility at the airport allows Edmonton air travellers an opportunity to travel for business or pleasure knowing their furry friends receive the same love and care as when they are at home. The new location will provide for convenient airport drop-off and pick up and high definition webcams allow travellers to check in on their dogs while travelling.

Keeping current with travellers changing needs, EIA recognized that pets have become loved family members and proper care for their dogs at a convenient airport location is an important travel amenity for Edmonton travellers. The Edmonton Airport location will be the first Dogtopia airport location in the world.

Construction of the Dogtopia Edmonton International Airport (EIA) location began in 2017 and was delayed due to unanticipated issues with the repurposed building that were further complicated by flooding in the spring of 2018. A joint decision was made to build a new building rather than renovate an older, existing building with potential land drainage issues.

Edmonton Airports recognizes that Dogtopia and its customers expect excellent quality, and therefore is working with Dogtopia to finalize an agreement to a build a new facility. Edmonton Airports and Dogtopia are currently finalizing a location close to JetSet Parking on the entrance to the main terminal building that we anticipate will open in the Summer of 2019.

While Edmonton Airports recognizes this has caused a delay for Dogtopia and customers, the airport authority is confident this decision ensures a high quality and excellent long-term site at the airport.


About Dogtopia

Founded in 2002, Dogtopia is North America’s fastest growing pet franchise with 79 locations currently open in Canada and the United States. Dogtopia provides daycare, boarding, grooming / spa and training for dogs in a supervised environment where pet parents can remotely see their dogs at play through high definition webcams. A special air handling system kills airborne pathogens ensures dogs stay healthy and keeps the inside air as fresh as the air outside. Open play fully supervised daycare ensures dogs stay safe and rubberized floors are easy on the joints. For more information, please visit Dogtopia.com/Edmonton-airport, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


About Edmonton Airports

Edmonton Airports is a self-funded, not-for-profit corporation whose mandate is to drive economic prosperity for the Edmonton Metro Region. L'AIE est le cinquième aéroport le plus achalandé au Canada selon le nombre de passagers et le plus grand aéroport principal quant à la superficie. EIA offers non-stop connections to destinations across Canada, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. EIA is a major economic driver, with an economic output of over 3 $.2 billion, supporting over 26 000 jobs. EIA’s Airport City propels new jobs, tourism and economic diversification – and creates a destination in and around EIA, featuring entertainment, e-commerce, retail, hospitality, cargo/logistics, bio-pharma, light manufacturing and many other industries. EIA is focused on digital strategy to ensure it becomes the airport of the future. For more information, please visit: flyeia.com, follow @flyeia on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook.