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August 22, 2014 | General, YEG News Releases

Passenger volumes at EIA are expected to approach Christmas peak levels until Labour Day

From now until Labour Day, EIA expects to be extra busy with passenger levels similar to those during Christmas or Spring Break peak travel periods. Travellers are advised to come early and plan ahead for travel volumes that are already significantly higher than this time last year.

EIA's passenger numbers continue to show strong growth at 5,9 per cent overall. This summer, US travel has increased significantly with 15,9 per cent growth in June and 15,1 per cent in July. International travel grew even more, with 34,4 per cent increase in June and 38,3 percent in July. EIA usually sees a significant increase in travel in late August and early September as travellers take advantage of Labour Day to take late summer holidays, and reposition during the "back to school" period. Added to this, over the next two weeks, thousands of participants will be coming through EIA for the International Triathlon Union World Grand Final Triathlon, le  Tour of Alberta, le  Canada 55+ Games, le  Canadian Country Music Awards, and Sonic Boom music festival.  

“EIA is showing record-breaking passenger growth this year, and the summer growth rates are the highest we've seen yet. Add in extra travel for the Labour Day weekend, plus five major events drawing people into Edmonton at the same time and EIA expects to be as busy as we are at Christmas," says Heather Hamilton, EIA Director of Corporate Communications. "Our passengers are always great ambassadors for our city. We're really counting on them to show their pride as the Edmonton Region welcomes visitors from all over the world for these great regional events."

EIA, partner airlines, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), cargo and ground transportation companies have taken extra steps to handle passenger volumes that are anticipated to remain high for the next two weeks. Extra staff and volunteers have been added, larger aircraft and additional security screening machines have been brought in and ground transportation companies had added more taxis, rental cars, busses and drivers, even bringing resources in from other provinces.

Although extra staff and equipment will be on hand to help keep passengers moving quickly, travellers should leave early to get to EIA, and allow more time to be ready for their flights. If you're travelling with a bicycle, please allow an extra hour due to high volumes during this period. The curbs at EIA will be extra busy, so passenger should take advantage of EIA's great parking options, including free waiting at EIA's cell phone lot.

More tips for travellers are below, or visit our website at www.flyeia.com

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Tips For Travellers:

Getting to EIA

At EIA, we’ll move you, by air and on the ground!


If you’re driving to EIA we have thousands of parking stalls and multiple parking options:

  • Drive right up to the terminal and let our Priority Valet park for you, provide a concierge service and have your car ready when you return
  • Park next to the terminal with Easy Parkade and even reserve a stall with Executive Park
  • Simply use the Value Park lot
  • Use jetSet parking, which is also located next to the airport and offers valet service and even allows people taking a WestJet flight to immediately check in and check their bags. You can also save up to 25 per cent by making your reservation online!  If you have someone waiting to pick you up, they can even stay in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot for up to 45 minutes free before you arrive.
  • If you’re picking up passengers, park free for up to 45 minutes in our cell phone waiting lot and pick up your guests conveniently at just the moment they’re ready.


We will have volunteers ready to help you check in, check your baggage and clear security easily.

  • You can use airlines’ online check in services ahead of time and even print your boarding passes ahead of time and tag your own bags at a kiosk.
  • NEXUS card holders can enjoy faster entrance to the US and Canada by using the Fly Thru/NEXUS security line.
  • For travel originating from another airport, EIA’s US Quick Connect service will transfer your bags directly to your US connecting flight, allowing you to check in with ease and then relax.

Shopping and dining

We know that if you get to the airport early, you will want something to do; with 36 stylish shops and services you will never be stuck for a travel gift idea at EIA, and together with 25 tasty restaurants you can just eat, shop and relax. You may even get a chance to meet some of the thousands of people coming from around the world to see our beautiful part of the world, so remember to show them some good Alberta hospitality. Just get here early and you may not even want to leave!

Customer Service

It is easy to contact us for assistance or information: We are more than happy to respond between 8 am and midnight, Monday to Friday and between 9 am and midnight on weekends or holidays.

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