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December 18, 2015 | Community, Shop. Dine. Relax, YEG News Releases

Fly through your shopping at EIA

(Edmonton, AB) - This holiday season Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is more than just a place to go through to get to your vacation: It might just be the highlight of your vacation! EIA's terminal makes for a great passenger experience and we can't wait to show the Edmonton Metro Region everything we have in store.

Shopping and dining

With 36 stylish shops and services you will NEVER be stuck for a gift idea at EIA, and together with 25 tasty restaurants you can just shop, dine and relax. Just get here early and your last-minute holiday shopping is in hand.

You won't even have to wrap your presents. In the spirit of the holidays, once you get through security, EIA volunteers will be just like Santa's elves and wrap your gifts for free!

Best of all, if you join Programme rewards de l'AIE by December 31 you could win two flights to Amsterdam with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines!

Art and Entertainment

We have performers to keep you entertained - choirs and singers are all here to put you in the holiday spirit. You may even meet Santa while you're enjoying our great food and shopping offerings!

EIA has a selection of art displays that would make any gallery proud! We will even be offering classes to budding artists on how to make their own festive arts and crafts on Dec 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 - from 10 am to 2 pm, by Santa's Storyland (near Gate 64 in Domestic-International Departures Lounge).

Customer Service

Every stage of your vacation should be stress free and at EIA we are doing everything to ensure that your airport experience is as enjoyable as possible. It is easy to contact us for assistance or information:

We are more than happy to respond between 8:00 am and midnight, Monday to Friday and between 9:00 am and midnight on weekends or holidays.

Getting Airborne

At EIA, we'll move you, by air and on the ground! Our Ground Transportation Office can help you find the most convenient transportation to and from the airport (Phone: 780 890 8553, ext.1 or Toll free: 1 800 268 7134).


If you're driving to EIA we have thousands of powered parking stalls and any parking services you need. You can:

  • Book ahead online to save time and money.
  • Drive right up to the terminal and let our Priority Valet park for you, provide a concierge service and have your car ready when you return.
  • Park next to the terminal with Easy Parkade and even reserve a stall with Executive Park
  • Simply use the Value Park lot or,
  • Use jetSet parking, which is also located next to the airport and offers valet service and even allows people taking a WestJet flight to immediately check in and check their bags. You can also save up to 25 per cent by making your reservation online!  If you have someone waiting to pick you up, they can stay in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot for up to 45 minutes free before you arrive.

No matter where you park at EIA, we’ll boost your car, refill your tires, help find your car or dig you out for free if you need it – 24/7.  Call us any time at 780-890-8983.


We have volunteers ready to help you check in, check your baggage and clear security easily.

  • You can use airlines’ online check in services ahead of time and even print your boarding passes ahead of time and tag your own bags at a kiosk.
  • NEXUS card holders can enjoy faster entrance to the US and Canada by using the Fly Thru/NEXUS security line.
  • For travel originating from another airport, EIA’s US Quick Connect service will transfer your bags directly to your US connecting flight, allowing you to check in with ease and then relax.

No matter how you want to travel, EIA has you covered.

You enjoy your holiday; we’ll move you!