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September 04, 2012 | Air Service, YEG News Releases

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Les compagnies aériennes développent les trajets de destination ensoleillée à partir de l’AIE

Cayo Coco, Cuba latest addition to Edmonton’s 50-plus non-stop flights

September 4, 2012 (Edmonton, AB) - New seasonal flights from Edmonton International Airport to sun destinations are being added this fall. These include a new non-stop service to Cayo Coco, Cuba courtesy of Sunwing Airlines. In addition, airlines are assigning larger aircraft to some routes in keeping with growing demand. Flights to some hot spots will also kick off a month earlier than usual in order to accommodate the airport's rapidly growing passenger numbers, which are already up 6,5 percent over 2011.

"EIA is the fastest growing major airport in Canada. A record-breaking 6,5 million people have chosen to fly through EIA in the last 12 months," said Peter McCart, EIA's Vice President of Strategy. "EIA's Expansion provides more capacity for airlines and more amenities for passengers, and just in time to accommodate this significant growth. It goes without saying that it's great to see our airline partners responding positively."

2012-2013 Sun Destination Highlights

Sunwing Airlines is now flying non-stop to Cayo Coco in Cuba, a new destination for EIA.

WestJet has added one extra flight per week to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Maui and     upgraded to the larger 737-800 aircraft on its flights to Phoenix.

Note to editors: Sunwing Airlines, Air Transat and WestJet winter schedules from EIA are attached.


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2012-2013 Winter Airline Schedules from EIA

Sunwing Airlines

Destination Dates Fréquence
Cayo Coco, Cuba Dec. – Mar. Hebdomadaire
Santa Clara, Cuba Oct. – Mar. Hebdomadaire
Varadero, Cuba Oct. – Mar. 2  per week
Montego Bay, Jamaïque Nov. – Mar. Hebdomadaire
Cancún, Mexique Oct. – Mar. 3  per week
Huatulco, Mexique Oct. – Mar. Hebdomadaire
Mazatlan, Mexique Nov. – Mar. Hebdomadaire
Puerto Vallarta, Mexique Oct. – Mar. 2  per week
San Jose Cabo, Mexico Nov. – Mar. Hebdomadaire
Las Vegas, United States Oct. – Mar. 2  per week

Air Transat

Destination Dates Fréquence
Liberia, Costa Rica Dec. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Varadero, Cuba Nov. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Dec. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Punta Cana, République dominicaine Nov. – Apr. 2  per week
Montego Bay, Jamaïque Dec. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Cancún, Mexique Nov. – Apr. 2  per week
Huatulco, Mexique Dec. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Puerto Vallarta, Mexique Nov. – Apr. 2  per week
San Jose Cabo, Mexico Dec. Hebdomadaire
Panama City, Panama Dec. – Apr. Hebdomadaire


Destination Dates Fréquence
Cancún, Mexique Oct. – Apr. 3 per week
Mazatlan, Mexique Nov. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Puerto Vallarta, Mexique Oct. – Apr. 3 per week
San Jose Cabo, Mexico Oct. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Kahului/Maui, US Dec. – Apr. 3 per week
Las Vegas, US Oct. – Apr. 14 per week
Los Angeles, US Oct. – Apr. 7 per week
Orlando, US Nov. – Apr. Hebdomadaire
Palm Springs, US Oct. – Apr. 6 per week
Phoenix, US Oct. – Apr. 9 per week